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Reblog from instagramRichard Tuttle’s ‘I Don’t Know · The Weave of Textile Language’

To see more photos and videos from Richard Tuttle’s new exhibition, explore the Tate Modern location page, and follow @tategallery and @whitechapelgallery on Instagram.

Richard Tuttle’s I Don’t Know · The Weave of Textile Language is the latest large-scale work to be shown in the Tate Modern’s (@tategallery) Turbine Hall. The American artist’s largest work to date, the piece measures 12 meters (39 feet) in height and covers more than half of the former electrical supply hall in red and marigold fabrics on plywood.

The sculpture focuses on the importance of materials and textiles in Tuttle’s work and is part of a larger exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery (whitechapelgallery) in London surveying five decades of his career.

“For a lot of people, art serves as a security—‘I know what I like,’” Tuttle explains. “But it is quite possible to have the other kind of people for whom art is an adventure. For me art is a kind of food, a food for the spirit.”

The exhibition at the Tate will be on show until April 6, 2015, and until December 14, 2014 at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Closing Soon: Saul Steinberg: 100th Anniversary Exhibition, a show celebrating the artist’s whimsical body of work, is on view at 32 East 57th Street through Saturday, October 18. Presented in collaboration with Pace/MacGill, the exhibition begins on the second floor and continues on the ninth. Stop by the show, and share your photos with us on Instagram and Twitter.

Image: Saul Steinberg, Summer Table, 1981. mixed media collage on wood.

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Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ): Curated by Chuck Close and Jessica Craig-Martin, FIERCE CREATIVITY 2014 is an exhibition benefitting Artists for Peace and Justice, a non-profit organization that encourages peace and social justice, serving the poorest communities in Haiti with programs in education, healthcare, and dignity through the arts. Featuring works from over 45 leading contemporary artists, including Chuck Close, Joel Shapiro, Kiki Smith, and Zhang Huan, the exhibition will be on view at 32 East 57th Street from October 22 to 25th.

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Last Chance: Fred Wilson's solo exhibition at Pace, Sculptures, Paintings, and Installations: 2004 - 2014, is on display through Saturday, October 18. Check out his flag paintings and glass sculptures at 534 West 25th Street in New York - and be sure to share your photos with us.

Images: Fred Wilson, Act V. Scene II - Exeunt Omnes, 2014. Murano glass and wood.

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Mario Merz: A retrospective of works by Italian Arte Povera artist Mario Merz is on view at Pace London. Presented in collaboration with Fondazione Merz, it marks the first major U.K. gallery staging of the artist’s works in more than twenty years. Mario Merz, located at 6 Burlington Gardens, is on display through November 8. 

Images (from top): Senza titolo (Untitled) (1983); Doppia spirale (Double spiral) (1985). Photographs © Mario Merz by SIAE, Courtesy Fondazione Merz.


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Opening Soon: Wang Guangle, an exhibition of the Chinese artist’s abstract paintings, will be on view at Pace’s 510 West 25th Street location from October 10 through November 1. Please join us for an opening reception tomorrow night, Thursday October 9, from 6 to 8 p.m. 

Images: Coffin Paint 14019, 2014. acrylic on canvas.

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Bosco Sodi’s Casa Wabi: This month Brooklyn-based Mexican artist Bosco Sodi will open Casa Wabi, a creative refuge for artists and an education center for the community, in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. With minimalist structures designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando and an 8,000-square-foot art gallery, the complex is a manifestation of wabi, which translates from the Japanese as “humility.” As Elisa Lipsky-Karasz of The Wall Street Journal writes, the compound’s “simple, open design confronts the natural elements of sun, sky, water and land, encouraging visitors to lapse into Thoreau-like reflection.”

Read more from The Wall Street Journal here.

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Calder at Seagram Building: This October, Pace Gallery presents an exhibit of Alexander Calder’s work at the Seagram Building, 375 Park Avenue, realized in collaboration with the Calder Foundation. Pace has installed three of the artist’s monumental sculptures on the plaza of the iconic International Style building in Midtown. The work is on display through November 10, 2014.

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Here are some colorful installation shots from A Brief History of Pace, a survey exhibition featuring twelve artists that have been vital to Pace’s story since 1960. The exhibition, located at 300 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, California, is on view through December 13. 

"Beautifully designed and printed, the relatively small book’s yellow velvet cover has the title blind stamped on the front and has fittingly gilded edging. Even the cloud images on the end pages are overlaid with a wash of gold. This subtle attention to detail is also carried over into the work’s installation and presentation in the gallery." 

Here’s some beautiful shots of Paul Graham’s recent book, Does Yellow Run Forever? as featured in Paper Journal’s review. An exhibition of these works, the latest in Graham’s series, is currently on view at 510 West 25th Street, New York through October 4. 

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Fred Wilson at Pace: Fred Wilson’s current exhibition at Pace features two important sculptures, The Mete of the Muse (2006) and Ota Benga (2008), which raise critical questions about the politics of erasure and exclusion, and urge viewers to reconsider social and historical narratives. Sculptures, Paintings, and Installations: 2004 - 2014 is located at 534 West 25th Street, New York and will remain on view through October 18. 

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Steinberg’s New Yorker: Saul Steinberg was widely celebrated for his contributions to The New Yorker. Join us in celebrating his centennial year at the opening reception of Saul Steinberg: 100th Anniversary Exhibition, from 6 to 8 p.m. at 32 East 57th Street tomorrow, September 10. Photo courtesy: The Saul Steinberg Foundation. 

Image: Cover of The New Yorker, March 27, 1971.

Image: Cover of The New Yorker, January 11, 1969.

Paul Graham at Pace: In his most recent series, Paul Graham combines images of rainbows from Western Ireland, a young woman asleep in different beds on the far side of the world, and the facade of a timeworn New York City gold shop, among other things, to collectively consider the ephemeral things we pursue in life: love, wealth, happiness, beauty - the metaphorical pot of gold a the end of the rainbow. His solo exhibition, Does Yellow Run Forever?, is now on view at 510 West 25th Street, New York, through October 4. 

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Installing Nara: The chief preparator at the Des Moines Art Center inserts the last bolt into place on Yoshimoto Nara’s sculpture, White Ghosts, which was taken down in December of last year for repairs. The sculpture is now back on view at the Pappajohn Sculpture Park in Des Moines. Photo courtesy: Rodney White/The Register. 

Kenneth Noland: "…I think that when you experience art - I mean really have that experience - when you’re looking at it, it tends to lose gravity. It tends to float…it’s true of Matisse as an example - I mean, Matisses really float. And I think content comes from this experience, from kinetic experience." 

Inspired by the likes of Cezanne and Matisse, Kenneth Noland's interest in the emotional effects of color and geometric form have left us with some of the most vital pieces of abstract art today. Pictured here are two of his paintings that span the course of his career, Vault (1976) and Mysteries: Toward East Light (2002).