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Reblog from instagramRichard Tuttle’s ‘I Don’t Know · The Weave of Textile Language’

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Richard Tuttle’s I Don’t Know · The Weave of Textile Language is the latest large-scale work to be shown in the Tate Modern’s (@tategallery) Turbine Hall. The American artist’s largest work to date, the piece measures 12 meters (39 feet) in height and covers more than half of the former electrical supply hall in red and marigold fabrics on plywood.

The sculpture focuses on the importance of materials and textiles in Tuttle’s work and is part of a larger exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery (whitechapelgallery) in London surveying five decades of his career.

“For a lot of people, art serves as a security—‘I know what I like,’” Tuttle explains. “But it is quite possible to have the other kind of people for whom art is an adventure. For me art is a kind of food, a food for the spirit.”

The exhibition at the Tate will be on show until April 6, 2015, and until December 14, 2014 at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Pace London: “My work arrives somewhere between abstraction and figuration; the cuts and breaks in the image seem to have an independent life within each work. Not simply the happenstance of a meeting place, the gap or break is a type of functioning geometry, opening up spaces within and between imagery. My work is the result of a highly instinctual and visceral activity, without the guidance of a plan.” - Nathaniel Mary Quinn, July, 2014. 

An exhibition of new works by the Brooklyn-based artist, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, will open at Pace London on September 5. Past/Present will be located at 6-10 Lexington Street and continue through October 4. Pictured here is Diane (2014), which will be included in the show.  

Pace London: Today’s Specials, a group exhibition that satirically explores society’s preoccupation with food, is now open at 6 Burlington Gardens, London. The show, which features works by Yto Barrada, Keith Coventry, Vik Muniz, Song Dong and others, will remain on view through September 6. 

Opening Soon: Past/Present, an exhibition of works by Brooklyn-based artist Nathaniel Mary Quinn opens September 5 at Pace London, 6-10 Lexington Street. Quinn’s work draws on his personal history, exploring the complex construction of identity and the challenges of his childhood. Quinn combines varied media to create visceral, instinctive works made without restriction or planning.

Images: Slim (2014), black charcoal, oil-pastel, oil-paint, paint-stick, gouache on Lenox Paper. Motorcycle Pig (2014), black charcoal, oil-pastel, oil-paint, paint-stick, gouache on Lenox Paper.

Last Chance: Prabhavathi Meppayil’s solo exhibition nine seventeen is in its final week at Pace London. Don’t miss the artist’s transcendental abstract works, which take inspiration from traditional crafts that value minimalist form, color and shape, calling to mind the pared-down visual languages of Agnes Martin and Sol LeWitt. The exhibition is located at 6-10 Lexington Street, London, and continues through this Saturday, August 2.

Opening Soon: Today’s Specials features works that explore the representation and consumption of food in modern society. Including works by Yto Barrada, Keith Coventry, Vik Muniz, Song Dong, and others, the exhibition opens tomorrow at Pace London, 6 Burlington Gardens and will remain on view through September 6. Image: Roe Ethridge, Bonne Maman Jar (2013), C-print.

Last Chance: Golems, an exhibition of new work by Adrian Ghenie, will be on view at Pace London, 6 Burlington Gardens through July 26. Here is an installation view of the exhibition and Ghenie’s Self Portrait as Charles Darwin (2014), oil on canvas.

Pace London: A new exhibition, nine seventeen, opening on Thursday, June 26, will present works by Indian artist prabhavathi meppayil. Going on view at 6-10 Lexington Street in London, the show will feature the artist’s abstract works that take inspiration from traditional craft and that value minimalist form, colors and shape. 

Throwback Thursday: Claes Oldenburg carries Giant Toothpaste Tube (1964) through the streets of London, 1966. Photo by Hans Hammarskiöld via Third Rail Quarterly. Oldenburg’s works will be featured at Pace’s Art Basel booth (B20), which will be on display in Basel, Switzerland, June 19 - 22.

Nigel Cooke: We’re pleased to announce that Nigel Cooke is now represented by Pace New York and London. Pace will present an exhibition of new works by Nigel Cooke in September 2015 in New York. 

Pace London: Opening tomorrow, June 12, Adrian Ghenie's exhibition of new paintings - entitled Golems - explores Old Europe’s political extremism, philosophical scepticism, and scientific research. Featuring a group of nine oil-on-linen paintings, Golems showcases the artist’s gestural technique: as Ghenie said in an interview with The Independent, “You cannot paint this with a brush. It’s simply the result of an accident. Everything is an accident. Very few things are actually painted.”

Adrian Ghenie: Golems will be on view at Pace London’s 6 Burlington Gardens location from June 12 through July 26. Read more from The Independent here.

Pace London: Everything falls faster than an anvil, an exhibition curated by CHEWDAYS, explores the role and influence of the cartoon on contemporary art, featuring works by Yoshitomo Nara, Claes Oldenburg, Paul Thek, and many other artists. The exhibition is on view at 6-10 Lexington Street through June 18, 2014.

Video: On Friday, April 25, Zhang Huan spoke with broadcaster, writer, and editor Philip Dodd at Pace London, discussing the artist’s new oil-on-linen paintings. Zhang Huan: Spring Poppy Fields is on view at 6 Burlington Gardens, London, through May 31, 2014. 

Pace London: Curated by CHEWDAY’SEverything falls faster than an anvil is a group exhibition that explores the influence of the cartoon on contemporary art. Featuring works by emerging and established artists, including Yoshitomo Nara, Claes Oldenburg, and Paul Thek, the exhibition will be on view at 6-10 Lexington Street, Pace London, from May 9 through June 18, 2014. 

Pace London: Liang Yuanwei: The Tension between a Bow and Elephant, is on view at Pace London's 6-10 Lexington Street location through April 26, 2014. The artist's oil paintings deepen her formal and conceptual investigations of process and perception.