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Museum Monday: “Through works of extraordinary beauty, Maya Lin reveals aspects of the natural world that are normally invisible to us and emphasizes the interconnectedness of all regions of the planet.” – Parrish Art Museum

Platform: Maya Lin, a summer show at the Parrish Art Museum in the Hamptons, features environmental works by the artist, including Sandy, a massive geographical installation depicting the boundaries of Hurricane Sandy’s flood plain composed of thousands of pins, as well as three large-scale marble sculptures. The exhibition will remain on view through October 13.

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Art in the Hamptons: ”Something about the confluence of fantastic natural beauty and the solitude it offers is magnetically attractive to those artists who rely on an isolated process of expression to create their work.”

BlackBook’s “Guide to the Artistic Giants of the East End” discusses the lives of influential artists who found solace and inspiration in the Hamptons, including Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko

Image: Elaine and Willem de Kooning relaxing in rocking chairs in the artist’s East Hampton studio, 1982. Photo by Jaime Ardilles-Arce for Architectural Digest.

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Throwback Thursday: “It is said that stone is the affection of old men. That may be so. It is the most challenging to work. A dialogue ensues – of chance no chance, mistakes no mistakes. No erasing or reproduction is possible, at least in the way I work, leaving nature’s mark. It is unique and final.” – Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi’s solo exhibition, Beginnings and Ends, was on view at Pace Gallery twenty years ago, in 1994. The exhibition included two stone sculptures and a marble sculpture. The artist’s works can still be appreciated today at the internationally renowned Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, which he founded and designed before his death in 1988.

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Pace London: Today’s Specials, a group exhibition that satirically explores society’s preoccupation with food, is now open at 6 Burlington Gardens, London. The show, which features works by Yto Barrada, Keith Coventry, Vik Muniz, Song Dong and others, will remain on view through September 6. 

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Tech Tuesday: Keith Sonnier uses welded steel, neon, argon, transformer, aluminum excel, reflectors and hardware in this alluring work, Gran Twister (2012). Using light as the key component to his works, Sonnier’s neon sculptures and installations play with space, color and light, enabling them to interact on various architectural planes. 

© Keith Sonnier/Artist Rights Society. Photograph by Genevieve Hanson, courtesy Pace Gallery.

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Last Chance: Tara Donovan's untitled exhibitions in both New York and Menlo Park are on view through August 15 and 23, respectively. In celebration of these much-Instagrammed shows, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite visitor photos of the exhibitions. Tara Donovan takes simple, mass-produced objects and combines them on a stunning scale to create seemingly organic structures. Don’t miss the final weeks of the shows, and continue sharing your snaps with the hashtag #TaraDonovan.

Images from top left: samhylton, jackiembarr, sirsargent, radadamemmafineman, gandrew25, ahhblay, tiffanymo.

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Opening Soon: Past/Present, an exhibition of works by Brooklyn-based artist Nathaniel Mary Quinn opens September 5 at Pace London, 6-10 Lexington Street. Quinn’s work draws on his personal history, exploring the complex construction of identity and the challenges of his childhood. Quinn combines varied media to create visceral, instinctive works made without restriction or planning.

Images: Slim (2014), black charcoal, oil-pastel, oil-paint, paint-stick, gouache on Lenox Paper. Motorcycle Pig (2014), black charcoal, oil-pastel, oil-paint, paint-stick, gouache on Lenox Paper.

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Throwback Thursday: Paul Graham's 2012 Pace exhibition The Present displayed his large-scale diptychs at nearly ground level, providing an immersive viewing experience. Graham’s upcoming exhibition Does Yellow Run Forever? will open on September 5 at 510 West 25th Street. The show will continue his exploration of the ephemeral and quotidian things we all seek: love, wealth, happiness and beauty.

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Art Everywhere: The Art Everywhere U.S. initiative launched this week. The project seeks to publicly celebrate great American art by exhibiting images on thousands of advertising displays across the country, including billboards, bus shelters and subway shelters. Included in the project is Chuck Close’s portrait Phil (1969), seen here on display in Times Square, New York. Find displays near you by visiting

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Collection Lambert: Works by Kiki Smith, Vik Muniz, Adam Pendleton and Loris Gréaud are featured in The Disappearance of the Fireflies, a compelling exhibition staged in the Sainte-Anne Prison in Avignon, France. Smith’s Girl with Globe (1998) is among the highlights of the Collection Lambert exhibition. The show seeks to explore concepts of imprisonment, love, the passage of time and solitude.

Pace Hong Kong: Summer Group Show at Pace Hong Kong includes this work by Alfred Jensen, which depicts a traditional Chinese numerical system from the Lo Shu Era. The painting can be seen alongside works by Agnes Martin, Zhang Huan, Li Songsong, and others. The show is on view through September 4.

Image: Alfred Jensen, The River Diagram: Lo Shu (1971), oil on canvas.

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Pace Chesa Büsin: A retrospective of works by Zhang Huan is now on view at Pace’s gallery space at Chesa Büsin in Zuoz, Switzerland. Encompassing the artist’s diverse career, the exhibition features paintings in oil and ash, sculpture, photography, and more.

Images: [center, right] Spring Poppy Fields No. 28 (2013) oil on linen. Installation views at Chesa Büsin.

Last Chance: Prabhavathi Meppayil’s solo exhibition nine seventeen is in its final week at Pace London. Don’t miss the artist’s transcendental abstract works, which take inspiration from traditional crafts that value minimalist form, color and shape, calling to mind the pared-down visual languages of Agnes Martin and Sol LeWitt. The exhibition is located at 6-10 Lexington Street, London, and continues through this Saturday, August 2.

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Opening Soon: Today’s Specials features works that explore the representation and consumption of food in modern society. Including works by Yto Barrada, Keith Coventry, Vik Muniz, Song Dong, and others, the exhibition opens tomorrow at Pace London, 6 Burlington Gardens and will remain on view through September 6. Image: Roe Ethridge, Bonne Maman Jar (2013), C-print.

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Tech Tuesday: Carsten Nicolai’s sound installation Particle Noise uses Geiger counters to measure radiation flow inside the exhibition, distributing them in space via a four-channel sound system. True to the artist’s form, the work is another example of otherwise unnoticeable phenomena shifting to become an audible soundtrack of our surrounding environment.

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